Lesson 89

When to use WHO vs WHOM?


Whenever you’re confused when deciding on which to use among these words: WHO and WHOM, you must reformulate the sentence with pronouns.


Tricks to consider:

  1. WHO is always the subject; WHOM is always the object.
  • Who is in your room?
  • For whom are you buying this gift?
  1. For the pronouns he, she and they, we will have to use WHO; For the pronouns him, her and them, we will have to use WHOM,instead.
  • That’s the man who called me last week. (He called me.)
  • That’s the man whom I met yesterday. (I met him.)


Example sentences:

  1. The woman who spoke at the event was very popular.
  2. Whom should I contact concerning the car insurance?
  3. The present was sent by whom?
  4. Who told my sister about our plan?


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