Topic Discussion 002

Private School vs Public School

School choice is very important. It gives parents the opportunity to match the most compatible school for their kids. The right school can be wonderful and fulfilling for both children and parents. However, there are many things that parents should consider. Tuition fee, environment inside and outside the school, and admission are some of those factors. In the end, keep in mind the learning needs of the children plus their interests and find the school that is right for him / her regardless of it being public or private school.


opportunity – a favorable chance

Tuition fee – school payment ; as at a private school/college/university

admission – procedure to enter a certain institution

regardless – without concern about


  1. What are the differences between private school and public school in your country?
  2. Who do you think should have to decide for your child’s school? Parents or children?
  3. What did you consider first when you chose your child’s school?

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