Lesson 0020

Cherry blossoms around Tokyo are now in full bloom. Here is a list of other ways of expressing your compliments while having ” hanami ” (cherry blossom viewing ).

  • appealing – describes someone or something that is able to attract interest
  • lovely – very beautiful or attractive
  • dazzling – extremely attractive or exciting
  • exquisite – extraordinarily fine or admirable
  • fascinating – extremely interesting
  • splendid – excellent , or beautiful and impressive
  • magnificent – very gorgeous , deserving to be admired
  • pleasing – giving a feeling of satisfaction or enjoyment
  • stunning – extremely beautiful or attractive
  • sublime – extremely good , beautiful or enjoyable

A : Wow! I really can’t stop myself taking photos of cherry blossoms. It is so fascinating for me!

B : I agree! These flowers are dazzling with beauty!

C : Yes , all of my foreign friends who had also experienced cherry blossom season said the same comments. They said , ” Cherry blossoms are exquisite!”

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