Lesson 0024

Confusing Words

  • breath – is the air inhaled/exhaled. It can also mean a short pause. (noun)
  • breathe – is to inhale or exhale. (verb)
  • altogether – entirely (adverb)
  • all together – is applied to people or things treated as a group or gathered, with everything in one place
  • lose – to misplace or not win (verb)
  • loose – used to describe things that are not tightly fitted (adjective) and also mean to release (verb)
  • assure – to tell someone something positively to dispel any doubts (verb)
  • ensure – to make something certain to happen (verb)
  • all ready – prepared
  • already – by this time (adverb)
  • apart – separated (adverb)
  • a part – to be joined with
  • a lot – large extent, amount, or great deal
  • alot – this is not a word and doesn’t exist!! 😅

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