Lesson 0027


  • use to express something that you regularly did in the past but you don’t do anymore. 

NOTE : DIDN’T USE TO ( for negative statements )

Example sentences : 

  1. I used to have lot of hobbies , but now I don’t have any free time. 
  2. I never used to worry about money , but I do now. 
  3. I didn’t use to follow politics , but now I check headlines online every day. 
  4. When I was a kid , I used to be very messy, but now I’m very neat. 
  5. I used to attend parties to socialize with friends , but now I prefer staying home. 
  6. I didn’t use to like English , but now I enjoy ever lesson.


A: Did you use to collect things?

B: Yes, I used to collect ‘Kinniku Man’ figure. 

C: No , I didn’t use to collect anything , but now I collect stamps from different countries. 


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