Lesson 0029

Airport Vocabulary

  • airfare (noun)

the cost of the plane ticket

Example : I can’t go abroad this summer , airfare is so expensive. 

  • boarding pass (noun)

a ticket that gives you permission to board the plane (some airlines allow you to use a boarding pass on your cell phone)

Example: Your seat number is written on your boarding pass.

  • fragile (adjective)

something that is easily broken (sometimes passengers pack fragile items in their bags)

Example : It is better not to bring any fragile item when you’re traveling. 

  • domestic (adjective)

within the same country (a domestic flight)

Example : I’m planning to take vacation leave next month for my domestic trip. 

  • international (adjective)

worldwide (an international flight)

Example : International flights are now becoming affordable for everyone. 

  • layover / stopover (noun)

a period of waiting between flights

Example : My journey will take 10 hours due to having long layover in Narita Airport. 

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