Lesson 0036


Here is a list of some words that could help you land a job soon. 

  1. Job-posting 
  • a posted description of an available job 

Example Sentence : I saw an interesting job-posting at the bus station yesterday. 

   2. Degree

  • a certificate of completing university

Example Sentence : Nowadays, it is not easy to compete among other applicants especially if you are not a degree-holder. 

  3. Administrative Assistant 

  • a person who helps run an office 

Example Sentence : I’ve been working in this company for 5 years as an Administrative Assistant. 

  4. Employer

  • a person or business that employs one or more people

Example Sentence : You have to talk to your employer about your concerns regarding contract. 

   5. Job-hunting 

  • to seek for employment

Example Sentence : I have to pay for my education loan, so I’ll start job-hunting soon after graduating university.







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Phrase to remember:


Phrase to remember: