Lesson 0037


Here is the second list of words that could help you land a job soon. 

6. Apply

  • to make an application or request

Example Sentence : When Alex finished college , he started applying for jobs.

7. Interview

  •  a meeting between a job candidate and an employer

Example Sentence : Most people must go through an interview before they can get hired for a job.

8. Resume 

  • a list of personal employment history and qualifications

Example Sentence : Mr. Hiroshi listed his education and work experience on his resume and sent it to the company he wanted to work for.

9. Candidate

  • a person who is being interviewed for a job

Example Sentence : The HR Manager liked the candidate because that person wrote a good letter explaining his experience.

10. Experience

  • knowledge or skills achieved over time

Example Sentence : Mark was happy he had experience working at big trading companies because he wanted to become a manager in the future. 


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