Lesson 0040

Difference between AGO and BEFORE

Ago is used with a PAST TENSE and a time expression to count back from the present.

-It is at a CERTAIN time before, counting back from the present.

Example Sentences : 

  1. I moved here three years ago. 
  2. They met each other in Japan ten months ago. 
  3. That accident happened a long time ago. 


Before is used with a PAST PERFECT TENSE to count back from a past moment.It is at some UNKNOWN time before now.

-It can also be used to mean ‘at any time before now / then’.

Example Sentences :

  1. I have heard her name before.
  2. Have you been to their house before?
  3. I asked my mother’s advice before accepting the job abroad. 

Let’s compare!

  • I was here two years ago.
  • I was here two years before that building was built. 

Follow me!



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