Lesson 0046

Phrasal Verbs with’off’ for Daily Conversation

      -a   Phrasal Verb   consists of a   verb   and a   preposition   or  adverb that modifies or changes the meaning.

‘Give up’ is a phrasal verb that means’stop doing’ something, which is very different from ‘give’.

1. Call off

       -to cancel something

Example: As the weather is getting bad, they have called off   their field trip.

2. Lay off

      -to fire (staff/worker)

Example: The company is now considering to lay off some employees due to the decrease of sales.

3. Pull off

      -to make something happen successfully

Example: The event went ahead despite the heavy rain.Our team managed to pull it off .

4. Show off

      -to display something you are proud of

Example: He always grab the opportunity to show off   his English speaking skill.

5. Pay off

      -to pay back money you owe

Example: I want to pay off   my house loan as soon as possible. 



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