Teacher Anabelle 再来日しました。

4月1日にTeacher Anabelle が1年ぶりに再来日いたしました。待機期間を経て4月7日(木)より教室でのレッスンを受付の予定です。



Hello, everyone!

I know, this may sound surprising but yes, I AM BACK!😊 And, I am so happy to be back.

Just a year ago, I left Japan to be able to spend precious time and memories with my family and loved ones there.
It was indeed a worth-taking break for me.
Thank you all for the understanding and for patiently waiting.
Now, just as the same as how I love and treasure my family and friends back there in the Philippines, in my heart I feel like I am at home here in Mainichi Eikaiwa School, too.
The students and friends here are like a family for me.
The wonderful memories I had with you all in the past, the kindness and all the support you had given me, those are the main reasons why it was hard to not to re-enter Japan again.
(Plus the chance of having a glimpse of the cherry blossoms beautifully blooming, of course!🌸)
I am excited to know what else awaits me here in Japan.

Having all of these, I am more positive and passionate about working and living here,again.

Let’s create more exciting memories and have more fun lesson again, together.
See you in my class!

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