Lesson 103

Vocabulary Challenge!

Direction: Complete each sentence with the adjective that best fits.

Anxious Blustery. Comfortable. Disoriented. Foolproof. Gorgeous. Jealous. Luxurious. Naughty. Tedious

1. Make sure wear your coat closed and tighten your scarf as the wind is quite ______________ outside.

2. My new fleece pajamas are fluffy and _____________.

3. My _____________ little kitty climbed the curtains and spilled her milk.

4. After spinning and spinning, I stopped and felt a bit _____________.

5. We sat and watched as the setting sun created a _____________ sky.

6. The velvet blanket my mother received as a birthday gift is soft, purple and feels ______________ against my skin.

7. I felt quite _____________ watching my sister unwrap the new bicycle she received for her birthday.

8. My new method of cleaning my room by paying brother a nickel for each toy he picks up is ________________.

9. Tomorrow I am playing the piano on the stage at the third grade concert and I am feeling a bit _____________.

10. At first, helping my dad sort his nails and screws in the garage was fun, but, then, it started getting a little _____________.

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