1. Back up – one that serves as a substitute or support.

Example: I brought an extra pencil for back up.

2.Calm down- to relax after an energetic or irritated state.

Example: I need a few minutes to calm down after that match.

3. Get over- to recover from or overcome something.

Example: Drinking a lot of water helps in getting over an illness.

4. Give away- to donate something or give something for free.

Example: Mindy gave her prized dl collection away.

5. Hand in- to submit something, especially an assignment.

Example: The teacher wants us to hand in our report by email.

6. Keep up- to continue doing something.

Example: Keep up the good work.

7. Run out of- to use up the available supply of.

Example: We ran out of gas while we were on our way home.

8. Go ahead- to proceed or move forward.

Example: Because of the snow, we can’t go ahead with the festival.

9. Look up to- to admire or idolize someone.

Example: I looked up to my father. He’s really a hardworking man.

10. Think over- to consider an idea or plan before making a decision.

Example: I’ll think it over and give you an answer next week.

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Lesson 126