1. Get Ahead- to succeed or progress

Example: Nowadays, you need IT skills if you want to get ahead.

2. Get along with- to be on harmonious terms with someone.

Example: My dog gets along with everyone as long as they’re not a cat.

3. Get around to- to do something eventually.

Example: I’ll get around to that project after the playoffs.

4. Get at- to reach or gain access to something.

Example: I can’t quite get at this itch on my back.

5. Get away- to escape or depart.

Example: Tom liked to go to the lake every weekend, just to get away.

6. Get away with- to commit a crime or misdeed without incurring any negative consequences.

Example: He managed to get away with only yellow card but also conceded a penalty.

7. Get back- to retrieve something.

Example: Tom got his pencil back from Amy.

8. Get back at- to take revenge on someone.

Example: Linda promised herself that she would get back at whoever had strated the rumor.

9. Get by- to survive or manage at a minimum level.

Example: When Shiela lost her job. The family got by with only their savings.

10. Get over- to recover from or overcome something.

Example: Drinking a lot of water helps in getting over an illness.

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