Idiomatic Expressions 002

Some commonly used idiomatic expressions and their meanings that will surely enrich your English vocabulary and understanding.

1.Once in a blue moon – an event that happens infrequently.

   Example : I only go to the cinema once in a blue moon.

2. when pigs fly – something that will never happen

   Example : I will only apologize to him when pigs fly. 

3. kill two birds with one stone – solve two problems at once

Example : By taking my family on vacation , I killed two birds with one stone. I had chance to go away and spend time with them.

4. break a leg – means “ Good luck!” 

  Example : Break a leg Sarah, I’m sure your performance will be great!

5. aching heart – feeling of pain because of love

Example : My aching heart is telling me the she doesn’t love me but someone else.

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Idiomatic Expression 001


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