Idiomatic Expression 001

Here are some commonly used idiomatic expressions and their meanings that will surely enrich your English vocabulary and understanding.

  1. raining cats and dogs – heavy rain

           Example : Bring your umbrella , it’s raining cats and dogs out there.

2. bring home the bacon – to earn money , particularly for one’s family , to be financially successful.

            Example : This year, I have to work hard and bring home the bacon.

3. piece of a cake – very easy

            Example : Studying English is definitely not a piece of a cake for many.

4. costs an arm and a leg – extremely expensive

            Example : I can’t afford to buy his concert ticket.It costs an arm and a leg.

5. hold your horses – be patient

            Example : I wasn’t an easy job for me , but I had to hold my horses for 3 years.

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Idiomatic Expressions 002