Lesson 0032

English for Employment

Additional Vocabulary about occupations.

  • real state agent     –     sells houses , property , and buildings
  • secretary     –     types and files office information
  • nanny     –     looks after children
  • journalist     –     writes for magazines and newspapers
  • social worker     –     helps people with family problems
  • electrician     –     installs and fixes lights , wiring and etc.
  • accountant     –     keeps financial records and does tax forms
  • receptionist     –     answers the phone and greets people in an office
  • teller     –     works as a cashier in a bank 
  • plumber     –     fixes water pipes , toilets and sinks     


Example Sentences:

  1. As a real state agent , you have to be good at sales and have good communication skills.
  2. In Japan , hiring nanny for double income family is not common.
  3. Nowadays, it’s hard to believe news online because anyone can be a journalist.



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