Lesson 0033

Abstract Thinker   vs   Concrete Thinker

First, let’s define ABSTRACT and CONCRETE.


  • thought  of  apart  from  concrete  realities,  specific  objects,  or  actual  instances
  • expressing  a  quality  or  characteristic  apart  from  any  specific  object (example: love, justice, poverty etc.)

Example Sentences:

  1. My teacher prepared an ABSTRACT topic to discuss so I had hard time understanding it.
  2. Modern inventions are the results of ABSTRACT thinking.



  •  constitutional  an  actual  thing  or  instance; real
  • pertaining   to or  concerned  with  realities   or  actual  instances  rather  than  abstractions

Example Sentences:

  1. Flowers, chocolates or any material gifts are CONCRETE proofs of someone’s love.
  2. We need a CONCRETE solutions for this kind of problem.


Thus, abstract thinker is someone who can think about things that are not physically in front of them. They use analogies and metaphors to understand the world. They can read body language and know the difference between verbal and nonverbal. They’re critical thinkers while concrete thinker focuses on what is physically around him / her. Concrete thinkers see a physical object and just think of what’s in front of them. They may see their surroundings, but not think of what is beyond their viewpoint.

Other than learning grammar rules, pronunciation and enhancing your vocabulary, level up your learning method and be an ABSTRACT THINKER!



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