Lesson 0039

This lesson is the continuation of our vocabulary enhancement lesson. To help you increase the words on your list, here are some additional group of words with opposite.

B and C List

  • backward – forward
  • blunt – sharp
  • to borrow – to lend
  • bottom – top
  • broad – narrow
  • certainly – probably
  • complicated – simple
  • compliment – insult
  • compulsory – voluntary
  • cruel – kind

Example Sentences:

  1. I have to go to the library and borrow some books for my research.
  2. Alex said ‘ Hello!’ with a broad smile on his face.
  3. Primary education is free and is compulsory for children ages 6-14.
  4. Our relationship gets complicated and we need to give each other time.
  5. Giving compliments for a job well done is a sign of being a good leader.



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