Speaking 001

Topic : 

Life begins at 40 ( forty years old ).

Meaning : Life begins to be better and happier in one’s middle age. 

    In general , a lot of things come together at once for most people that are good.They are married and/or have a family. They are in a career that is beginning to take off and/or they aren’t low level people paying their dues anymore.Furthermore , the health of a 40 year old is generally still very good with few exceptions, and in some cases if a person really paid attention to good health practices ,their health is just as good or better than when they were younger. Finally , a 40-year old person knows who they are—they are more at peace with themselves and comfortable about their own.


1. Do you agree that one’s happiness or satisfaction begins at 40? 

2. Is it important to have timeline for our goals?

3. Do you think that the people around you at age 40s are enjoying their lives?

4. What are your goals/plans that you would want to achieve before getting forty?





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