Lesson 0047

Common Acronyms 

The following is a list of some commonly used acronyms on the web , in e-mails , chats or even test messages.

Example: OMG – Oh my God!

  • It is used to show surprise or excitement about something

1. AKA – Also Known As

Sentence: He is Jason Perez aka ‘Jack’ by his friends and family.

2. ASAP – As Soon As Possible 

Sentence: Susan, send me your report , ASAP.

3. BTW – By The Way 

Sentence: BTW, have you heard about the recently released album of Taylor Swift?

4. DIY  – Do It Yourself

Sentence: We have to do any DIY thing as our summer vacation’s homework.

5. FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Sentence: Kindly visit our homepage’s FAQ for more detail.


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