Lesson 0048

Some PHRASAL VERBS with ‘ up

         A  Phrasal Verb is consists of a   verb   and a   preposition   or  adverb that modifies or changes the meaning.


‘Call off’ is a phrasal verb that means ‘ cancel something, which is very different from the meaning of the word ‘call’.


1. Speak up

– speak louder

Example Sentence: Can you speak up a bit? It’s very noisy here.

2. Fed up

– Be bored

Example Sentence: I’m fed up of my current situation at work now, so I am thinking of finding a new job.

3. Weigh up

 – consider the advantages or disadvantages of a situation carefully

Example Sentence: I’m weighing up my options before applying for the job.

4. Give up

– stop doing ; quit

Example Sentence: I don’t want you to give up your dream for me, Alex. 

5. Set up

– arrange

Example Sentence: It will take about 2 hours to set up my room for the party.

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