Lesson 67


Let us learn some verbs with their corresponding prepositions!

  1. Addicted to
    A lot of people nowadays have become addicted to the internet.

   2.  Afraid of
        Are you afraid of the dark?

   3.  Allergic to
        My dad’s allergic to seafood.

    4.  Amazed at/by
        She was amazed at how calm she felt after the accident.

    5.  Angry about
         I’m really angry about our losses on the stock market!

     6.  Angry with someone for something
          I’m really angry with John for his total lack of responsibility.

     7.  Annoyed about/with/at
          He’s annoyed with Tim because he told his secret.

     8.  Anxious about/to
         I’m anxious to get home to open my presents.

     9.  Ashamed of
          I’m not ashamed of what I did.

    10.  Associated with/at/by
          I don’t want my children associating with drug addicts and alcoholics.

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