Lesson 68

 The word TAKE can have different meanings once attached to different words. Please see some examples below.

  • Take aback

Meaning: Surprise or shock; to discomfit
Example: The bad news took us aback.

  • Take after

Meaning: To have similar character or personality to a family member
Example: He takes after his mother.

  • Take against 

Meaning: Stop liking someone; to become unfriendly toward
Example: He took against me when I was promoted over him.

  • Take apart

Meaning: Separate something into its parts
Example: I took the radio apart to find out what was wrong.

  • Take aside
  • Meaning: Get someone alone to talk to them
    Example: I was immediately taken aside by the manager.

    Take away

Meaning: Remove something and put it in a different place
Example: Mother took our plates away and came back with some fruit for us to eat.

Meaning: Remove something, either material or abstract, so that a person no longer has it
Example: The teacher took my mobile phone away until the end of the lesson.

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