Lesson 81

Other Ways To Say “Thank You”

On a daily basis, we are overwhelmed with reasons to thank the people around us. May it be someone who held the elevator for you while you were running late, or that young lady at McDonald’s who put an extra pack of ketchup in your take out.

We have endless reasons to say “thanks” every day but sometimes we want to express our gratitude in a different way aside from the usual “thank you”.

So here are 5 alternatives you can say instead!

1. I’m so grateful.

2. I appreciate it.

3. I owe you one.

4. That’s so kind of you.

5. Much obliged.

Now that you know other phrases to express your feelings of thankfulness, it’s time to use it during your English lessons or say it to anyone who you feel grateful for!

Good luck on your English journey! 😊

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