1. In my opinion – used to express one’s personal viewpoint.

Example: In my opinion, studying abroad offers invaluable cultural experiences.

2. According to – introduces a source of information or authority.

Example: According to the latest research, regular exercise improves mental health. 

3. On the other hand – introduces an alternative viewpoint or contrasting idea.

Example: On the other hand, while some enjoy the hustle and bustle of city life, others prefer the tranquility of rural living.

4. As a result – indicates a consequence or outcome.

Example: She missed her flight, and as a result, she had to reschedule her trip.

5. Furthermore – adds to or strengthens a previous point.

Example: His qualifications are impressive, and furthermore, he has relevant work experience.

6. For example – introduces an illustration or instance.

Example: For example, when we discuss healthy snacks, fruits like apples and bananas are great choices.

7. In conclusion – signals the end of an argument or discussion.

Example: In conclusion, it’s evident that regular exercise contributes to overall well-being.

8. In the long run – refers to the future or over a prolonged period.

Example: Investing in education pays off in the long run, as it leads to better career opportunities.

9. In the event of – indicates a possible situation or circumstance.

Example: In the event of a power outage, the generator will automatically switch on to provide electricity.

10. To put it simply – introduces a simplified explanation or summary.

Example: To put it simply, supply and demand determine prices in a market economy.

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