Lesson 85

Confusing Adjectives with -ing or -ed


tiring or tired                     interesting or interested                                     

loving or loved                   boring or bored

shocking or shocked           inspiring or inspired

exciting or excited              relaxing or relaxed


The adjectives that end in -ed describe how you feel whereas we use the adjectives that end in -ing when we talk about the feeling that something produces.


  • I wasn’t able to meet him, I am disappointed about it.
  • I’m feeling so inspired after watching the video.
  • Do you think my presentation is boring?
  • The football match was so exciting!


Remembering this one simple sentence structure can help you always decide which adjective you need:


It is boring, so I feel bored.

It is exciting, so I feel excited.

It is amazing, so she feels amazed.

It is annoying, so he feels annoyed.

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