Lesson 86


“Very” is what we call an intensifier, which are adverbs or adverbial phrases that strengthen the meaning of other expressions and show emphasis.

very old – ancient                                              

very quick – speedy / rapid                          

very rich – wealthy                                         

very scared – terrified                        

very big – giant / massive                                

very shy – timid

very short – brief/precise

very simple – plain/basic

very open – transparent/clear

very cute – adorable


Here are some sentences.

  1. I am sorry, I can’t attend your party tonight. I am extremely (very) tired right now.
  2. She was ( very pretty ) stunning / gorgeous on her wedding dress yesterday.
  3. I just finished watching that movie you recommended to me last time and I have to say it was remarkably ( very)
  4. He delivered an impressive ( very good ) speech for his mother on her 60th birthday. 
  5. Elsa was not only ( very good ) brilliant , but she was fast in her work.


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