Lesson 88



They are among the most commonly confusing words. They are all pronounce the same but have different spelling and are use differently.

There is to identify something for the first time and is often followed by the verb be. It is also often use for location.

  • Put it there. (location)
  • There is a new hotel in our town.

Their is use to show plural possession.

  • Their house is big.
  • Their children are all girls.

They’re has the same meaning as they are. It is often followed by an adjective.

  • They’re my relatives from Osaka.
  • They’re both really good teachers.



there                              their                              they’re


  1. It is Iroha and Karina’s computer. It is _______________
  2. _______________ late again. _______________ never on time.
  3. _______________ is a library nearby and it has many interesting books.
  4. It is Yuka and Karina’s cat. It is ________________ pet.
  5. _______________ is a new restaurant near our office, but it’s so expensive.
  6. _______________ my brother’s colleagues.

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