Lesson 91

Difference between “since” , “as” and “because”


These are all use to give reasons and causes

Because is more common than as and since and we use it when we want to focus on the reason.

  • I will bake a cake for my mother because it’s her birthday tomorrow.

Since and as are more formal than because and we use them when we want to focus on the results rather than the reason. They basically placed at the beginning of sentences.

  • Since noodles are cheap and easy to cook, they’re very popular.
  • As I got promoted last month, I bought a new watch.


Let’s try!   


as                     because                    since


  1. _________________ it was raining, I couldn’t play soccer with my friends.
  2. I can’trent an apartment _________________ I am jobless now.
  3. _________________ my mother is busy today, I have to cook for dinner.
  4. Alex couldn’t buy souvenirs for us _________________ he didn’t have any money.



Follow me!



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