Lesson 92



Advanced English adds power to your English speaking.

In order to help you feel confident and impress other people with your speaking and listening abilities, here are very interesting sentences instead of some simple ones, that you can use to empower your English skills.


  1. BASIC: How are you?

      ADVANCED:   How is it going?

  1. BASIC:   I’m very tired today.

      ADVANCED:   I’m worn out.

  1. BASIC:   I am very hungry.

      ADVANCED:   I’m starving.

  1. BASIC:She was so angry last night.

      ADVANCED:   She was so pissed off last night.

  1. BASIC:I am listening to you.

      ADVANCED:   I am all ears to you.

  1. BASIC:  I like you a lot.

      ADVANCED:   I am so into you.

  1. BASIC:   Can I come tomorrow?

      ADVANCED:  Can I drop in tomorrow?

  1. BASIC:  I am not sure about it.

      ADVANCED:   I’m on the fence.







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