Lesson 106

Let’s use SUFFIX “ABLE”

First, let’s us define what is suffix. Suffix is a letter or group of letters added at the end of a word to make a new word.

Take a look at the words below. Try to use the suffix “able” with these words.

Comfort     break.    Understand.     Love.    Drink.     Accept.    Reuse.     Count.     Profit.     Wash.    Dispose.     Advise.      Believe.     Punish.     Knowledge.     Employ.   

Direction: Complete the sentences below. Use the suffix ‘-able’ with the words in the box.

1. Please don’t throw away that plastic bag we can use it again. It’s _______________.

2. Stealing other people’s things is a ______________ crime. You might go to jail.

3. Professor Brown knows lots of things. She is ______________ person.

4. My new business is making lots of money. I’m happy that it’s _______________.

5. Do you want my advice? It’s not ____________ to swim without a life guard.

6. Don’t worry, the water in that river is very clean. In fact, it’s ______________.

7 I can understand why you were late yesterday. It’s ______________.

8. I think Mr. Smith can easily find a new job. He is very ______________ person.

9. After I finish using my camera, I can throw it away. It’s a _____________ camera.

10. Your excuse for being late is not _____________! You must come on time. No excuses!

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