Lesson 110


Homographs- one of two or more words spelled alike but different in meaning or pronunciation.


1. Sign

– Please sign this document.

– Headaches may be a sign of stress.

2. Tie

– I wear a shirt and tie at work.

Tie your shoelaces.

3. Watch

– I bought a new watch.

– I like to watch sports.

4. Firm

– I’m working for a firm of accountants.

– These peaches are still firm.

5. Fly

– A fly was buzzing against the window.

– Let’s fly the kite.

6. Wave

– Grandma waved goodbye as we left to go home.

– The surfer caught a huge wave in the ocean.

7. Ring

– We could hear the bell ring from far away.

– He gave her a diamond ring.

8. Bar

– She was sitting at the bar.

– I ate three bars of chocolate.

9. Right

– I’m sure I’m right.

– Take a right turn at the intersection.

10. Live

– We used to live in London.

– The club has live music most nights.

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