Lesson 112


Synonym- one of two or more words or expressions of the same language that have the same or nearly the same meaning as another word. 

Examples: Big-huge, Smart- Intelligent, Alike-same, Begin-Start, Rich-Wealthy, Scared-Afraid.

Now, let’s try to answer this activity!

Direction: Choose the correct synonym for each italized word below.

1. The girls were surprised when they saw the beautiful flowers the delivery boy brought.

a. Frustrating b. Pretty. c. Fast d. Orange

2. Watching the movie with all my friends from school was fun, but it was too long.

a. Sticky b. Lengthy. c. Silly d. Short

3. Jennifer’s roasted hot dog was ruined when it fell into the fire.

a. Flames. b. Water c. Ground

d. Refrigerator

4. The librarian asked the children to be silent because everyone was trying to study.

a. Noisy b. Boring. c. Quiet. d. Early

5. Samantha’s great-grandpa is very old.

a. Friendly b. Crazy. c. Charming d. Elderly

6. The college professor was wise and gave the new students a lot of good advice.

a. Intelligent b. Funny c. Ordinary d. Ugly

7. Mrs. Blackwell assigned a difficult for the students to complete during their vacation.

a. Free b. Easy c. Caring d. Hard

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