Lesson 113


Direction: Read the following sentences and choose the best word (A, B, or C) for each space.

1. People used to cook by using wood a hundred years __________.

A. Before. B. Past. C. Ago

2. She doesn’t want to look ridiculous __________ she will wear casual clothes this time.

A. Or. B. So. C. If

3. Her aunt is interesting. She celebrates her birthday ____________ August 22nd.

A. On. B. In. C. At

4. The birthday party at Rob’s home was awesome ____________ the one at Marcelo’s was the best.

A. And. B. Because. C. But

5. After school, the first thing I do is to take off my shoes and then I watch a __________ TV shows.

A. Little. B. Lot. C. Few

6. If you play during the night, do it with __________ light because you could fall over.

A. Enough. B. Many. C. All

7. It’s pretty good! I got a letter ___________ Amy last night.

A. From. B. Of. C. By

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