Lesson 114

Confusing Words and Meanings

1. Accept: agree to receive or do

    Except: not including

2. Bare: Naked or to unconver

    Bear: To carry or put up with something

3. Dual: Having two parts

    Duel: Contest between two participants

4. Sight: Ability to see

    Site: Location or place

5. Pole: Long, slender piece of wood

    Poll: Vote in an election

6. Infer: draw a conclusion

    Imply: Indirectly suggest something

7.  Coarse: Rough or uneven

     Course: Direction, school object.

8. Aural: Relating to ears or hearing

Oral: Relates to the mouth or spoken word

9. Canvas: Strong type of cloth

Canvass: Seek someone’s vote

10. Serial: happening in a series

Cereal: breakfast food or edible grain


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