Lesson 117

Phrasal Verbs with “Go”

1. Go back- to return to a person, activity or place.

Example: She will never go back.

2. Go ahead- to start or continue to do something specially after waiting for permission.

Example: Why don’t you go ahead and eat?

3. Go around- to travel to all parts of a place

Example: They will go around in the evening.

4. Go through- to experience a difficult or unpleasant situation.

Example: You wouldn’t believe what I went through when I was ill.

5. Go along with- Support an idea, or agree with someone’s opinion.

Example: I will go along with this proposal of yours.

6. Go against- to oppose or to disagree with someone or something.

Example: She wouldn’t go against her parents.

7. Go on- to continue

Example: The show must go on.

8. Go for- to choose a particular thing

Example: I will go for strawberry ice cream.

9. Go away- to leave a place; to leave your home in order to spend time somewhere else, usually for a holiday.

Example: We usually go away for the summer.

Go away and leave me alone!

10. Go after- to try to catch or stop someone; try to get something others also want.

Example: The police went after him but he got away.

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