Lesson 118


Direction: Fill in the blank with the correct conjunctions.

1. Circles ______ triangles are both shapes.

a. and. b. if

2. He raised his hand ________ he knew the answer.

a. unless. b. because

3. Do you want a hamburger ________ pizza for lunch?

a. if. b. or

4. I talked louder ________ that she could hear me.

a. so. b. and

5. The caterpillar made a cocoon _________ it turned into a butterfly.

a. after. b. before

6. We’ll go outside for recess _________ it’s raining.

a. if. b. unless

7 Don’t talk ________ the teacher calls your name.

a. until. b. after

8. Tie you shoes __________ you won’t trip.

a. after. b. so

9. I’m tired ___________ I’ll go to bed.

a. but. b. so

10. I think he’s three years old _________ four years old.

a. and. b. or

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